Children in exile

Once we lived in a land of happiness and unending joy.

Life was easy and love was all we knew. Love was all around, in abundance.

There was sunlight, green meadows and eternal sunsets by the sea.

The days were long and full of games, music and laughter.

At night the sky was filled with stars, watching over us. Keeping us safe.

We knew of no fear. No anger. No pain.

We were safe, protected from darkness.

We thought this would last forever.


Then came the men with dark hands

Eyes that spewed pain, voices like thunder

They stole us away from our beloved Summerland

Burned the orchards, shattered the dreams

Tore apart the music.

From that day, darkness had descended

Safety was no more

They put out the stars

And we were on our own.


Children lost in the night

Orphans, torn from our Mother

Learning to live without love

To care for ourselves

Many of us couldn’t

They died; walked into the sea never to return

The men would come and read us their names

Foretell our futures

We were all destined to die

It was a plan; no one would live to tell the story of Before

Happiness and love were threats to them

Holocaust of love


We vowed to remember

The memories would live on without us

We told stories, sang songs

Sent them out into the world on our breaths

Knowledge cannot be burned

Love will live on

And one day… it will conquer the pain and hatred

Light the stars once more

One day…

Our children or our children’s children

Will live in a world of freedom

One day…

Some day


© Lisa Isaksson, 1999–2006